Aug 17, 2017

Multiple Finished Water Meters

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I have multiple finished water meters recording treated water flow entering my distribution system. Should I provide my monthly volumes for each meter?

Aug 17, 2017

Yes, definitely! Providing volumes at each finished water meter not only paints a better picture of what is going on with production (e.g., zero reads in some months, wells offline, etc.), but it also serves to show what percentage of the source flow is attributed to each meter. This matters when it comes to meter accuracy testing and/or electronic calibration.


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  • rromo
    Sep 12, 2017

    In section 2 (water supplied) bullet point 3. is this referring to production meters only? Define Signal Calibration. Record request for section 2, bullet point 4. how far back? Does section 4 (apparent loss), bullet points 1 and 2 referring to customer complaint or high bill tests or random sampling?

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