Sep 12, 2017

Meter Information

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In section 2 (water supplied) bullet point 3. is this referring to production meters only?

Define Signal Calibration.

Record request for section 2, bullet point 4. how far back?


Does section 4 (apparent loss), bullet points 1 and 2 referring to customer complaint or high bill tests or random sampling?

Sep 12, 2017

@rromo thanks for your questions! Take a look at these responses and let us know if we did not fully address your questions or need further clarification.


Section 2, Bullet Point 3: Your thinking is correct. This does refer to your production meters only. Specifically, those Finished Water Meters that are recording volumes going into your distribution system.

Signal Calibration: This pertains to the secondary and tertiary devices that convert the meter reads into flow volumes. Specifically, it measures the alignment of flow range conversion with signal span output (typically 4-20mA DC) and SCADA output. The image below helps illustrate the difference in volumetric meter accuracy testing and signal calibration:


Record request for Section 2, Bullet Point 4. how far back?: Since we are working with an audit reporting year of CY2016, we would like to see any volumetric meter accuracy and/or electronic calibration test results during that same time period. If you did n't conduct any tests in 2016, but did in the last five years, please go ahead and provide that as well.


Does section 4 (apparent loss), Bullet Points 1 and 2 refer to customer complaint or high bill tests or random sampling?: This refers to your customer meters, both small and large .We are really looking for 2 things here: analysis and derivation from meter tests to infer or calculate Customer Metering Inaccuracies and the utility policy for testing. For Bullet Point 1, we're looking for the data; any customer meter test results you might have that infer or show a calculated Customer Metering Inaccuracies. So whether you are collecting meter test data from customer complaint, consumption flags, or random sampling, please provide that information if available. For Bullet Point 2, we're looking for the policy; do you perform tests primarily upon customer complain or consumption flags, target a certain subset of your meter population but not representative of the full population, or proactive meter testing on small and large meters. Also consider if your customer meter test results dictate your meter replacement strategy.

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    I have multiple finished water meters recording treated water flow entering my distribution system. Should I provide my monthly volumes for each meter?

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