Oct 30, 2017

Audit Software Worksheet

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I tried to enter in our know authorized consumption; found the worksheet is protected and requesting a password to make changes. Can you provide the password?



Oct 30, 2017

@rromo thanks for the question! The Water Audit Software is password protected to keep all the formulas and tools locked and to ensure modified versions do are not inadvertently distributed. That said, the problem you are having is one we've heard before. It seems you may be trying to enter information into an auto-calculated cell based on previous input values (one of the yellow cells). The software will not let you do that. Instead, to get you total Authorized Consumption, you will need to insert a volume (as applicable) for Billed metered (your billed consumption based on meter reads), Billed unmetered (flat rate customers; if 100% of your customers are metered, you may report a zero volume here), Unbilled metered (this could be municipal or governmental uses or uses at your own facilities; if all your metered uses are billed, you may report a zero volume here), and Unbilled unmetered (this could be flushing, fire use, sometimes street sweeping use is here). Unbilled unmetered is often a hard volume to quantify, and therefore give you the option to apply the default (1.25% of Water Supplied) or, if you are tracking these typical uses through estimation methods and have those records, you can report it in your own estimated volume. To do this, you'll have to select the radio button over to the right of the Unbilled unmetered input cell.


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  • drewblackwell
    Sep 12, 2017

    Posting this here as a result from a question that came in under Supporting Documentation (check that post out as well for some additional info!): Signal Calibration: This pertains to the secondary and tertiary devices that convert the meter reads into flow volumes . Specifically, it measures the alignment of flow range conversion with signal span output (typically 4-20mA DC) and SCADA output. The image below helps illustrate the difference in volumetric meter accuracy testing and signal calibration:
  • drewtal11
    Aug 17, 2017

    Can someone please explain what this is?

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